Saturday, May 23, 2015
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Elementary News

Elementary Honor Roll & Perfect Attendance

The EES 3rd Quarter Assembly honored the students who earned Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance awards. Congratulations, students! Keep up the great work!

1st Grade Honor Roll


2nd Grade Honor Roll


3rd Grade Honor Roll


4th Grade Honor Roll


5th Grade Honor Roll


6th Grade Honor Roll


EES Perfect Attendance



Updates from 3rd Grade

3rdgrmultLanden, Emma, Justin, Garrett, Hunter, Luke and Tanner all received ice cream sundaes for mastering all multiplication facts in 3rd grade. The rest of the class is on their heels!

3rdgrpresPresidential Candidate, Hunter Brown, ran for election in Mrs. Dailey's 3rd grade classroom. Hunter received the majority vote and is now the President of 3rd grade.

3rdgrreading Mrs. Dailey's 3rd graders have Flashlight Friday each week. Students bring in flashlights to read-to-self. Mr. Brewer kicked the event off on Friday, by reading to the entire class by flashlight.

3rdgrsworninPresidential Cabinet Member, Emma Pierce, was sworn into office this week. Emma willingly placed her hand on a student's Bible while stating her oath of office.


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